Noble Dragonborn Fighter


Teveoji of Clan Odeyar was born in the fabled city of Myth Drannor, about 10 years after the sun and moon elves worked together to reclaim the city from monsters. Clan Odeyar joined in the campaign, hoping to be granted a small portion of the city to develop and call their own. After losing more than half of their already small clan, they were granted a small section of the southern part of the city close to the gates, and tasked with protecting the wall from further monster attacks. His father, a great fighter before the campaign, was promoted to Ranger-General of the Dragonborn forces.

Being born to a warrior family of such high esteem, Teveoji learned at a young age to hold a sword and shoot a bow. He was trained in tactics and strategy through Dragonchess, and took to it quite well, beating even the best of the elven commanders at a very young age. He spent many hours training with the half elf Alek Duskwalker and both became quite proficient fighters. When they came of age however, Alek’s family pressured him into joining the Temple of Torm. Teveoji followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the defense forces occupying and defending the city’s southern gates.

The first few years of Teveoji’s posting on the wall went well. He proved to be a valuable asset to the defense, and he quickly gained the respect from his fellow Dragonborn and Elves stationed on the wall. When a Goblin invasion campaign began, Teveoji led a charge to break the back lines and tried to kill the leaders of the goblin invasion forces. Disobeying orders to stay and hold the wall, he took a handful of soldiers at dusk to kill the goblin leaders. Their surprise attack failed, and a few men died before Teveoji called for a retreat. Emboldened by the victory over a small group of soldiers, the goblins rallied behind their leaders and pushed past the gate, killing many of the families living closest to the wall. The goblins were eventually pushed back and out of the city, but at a high cost.

Disgraced for disobeying orders, Teveoji was relieved of duty. Desperate to regain his honor, he began adventuring in the city with the help of his friend Alek, who had become a full Paladin of Torm. It was through him that he learned of the adventuring city of Neverwinter and of the giants causing problems for villagers in the north. Teveoji decided to leave for Neverwinter, hoping to bring back some honor for himself and his family. Alek was unable to join him due to duties he had with the temple in Myth Drannor, but he made sure that Teveoji had all the right contacts once he made it to Neverwinter.


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