Acquisition Minded Monk


Alignment: Neutral
Player: NXQ
Class: Monk
Deity: -
Homeland: The Omlarandin Mountains
Race: Tiefling
Size: Medium
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 6’ (6’4" w/ horns)
Weight: 215
Skin: Ashen Greyish-White, like burning charcoal
Hair: Black
Eyes: Silver
Tiefling Traits: Silver eyes and horns, tail, sharp canines, bifurcated tongue.

Character Sheet


Apt is tiefling. He doesn’t define himself by his race, but a great deal of his life has been greatly impacted by his infernal heritage. His earliest memories are of being led deep into the woods of the Omlarandin Mountains, and left there by an unknown figure. He isn’t sure if his being a tiefling is what led to his abandonment (perhaps it was a particularly bad harvest that year and he was just one mouth too many), but it is quite likely his existence was unwanted. He bears those responsible no ill will. In his mind whatever guilt they bear is their penance, and if they feel no guilt then his holding hatred in his heart for them would make no difference.

Luckily Apt was a clever and rather dexterous boy. The woods were rife with danger and scarce of food but using his wits and natural abilities with Thaumaturgy he was able to avoid the worst of the predators and eek out a meager existence. Apt may have lived out his life among the trees and hills had he not discovered the Shrine.

Nestled deep within the mountains the Shrine (as it was referred to by its denizens) was a high walled monastery kept by a monastic sect known as the Order of Equilibrium. The monks there trained daily in martial arts and strove towards achieving a balance within themselves and the world around them. Of course, Apt didn’t know nor care about such things when he first laid eyes on the Shrine. His stomach was rumbling and his thoughts were of what food lay within.

For months Apt secretly raided the Shrine’s food stores and watched from afar as the acolytes practiced their forms in the large training yard. He began to mimic their movements and exercises in the evenings before he slept. Alas, a feral tiefling boy can only be lucky so many times when it comes to stealing from trained adepts. Eventually Apt was caught pilfering – and despite his unexpectedly skilled but ultimately futile attempt at fighting, he was unable to escape capture. But rather than punishment or another exile to the forest, the monks welcomed him to the Shrine and allowed him to stay. Theirs was not a greedy or vengeful order. They had food and he did not, they had shelter and he did not – to them sharing created a balance, an equality.

It wasn’t until his late teens that Apt even thought of the outside world, and the thoughts were not brought by curiosity but by an unexpected and violent assault on the Shrine. In the early hours of the morning the great bells rang summoning all to the training yard. As Apt stood among his adopted family he noticed faces missing from their customary places. Almost a dozen were gone – too many to be a coincidence. Abbot Tygarn, with much sadness and great solemnity, relayed the events of the night to those gathered. The Shrine had been visited by a foul band of thieves intent on stealing the items housed within the inner reliquary at the heart of the monastery. They had been successful, and had left a path of death in their wake.

Later that evening Apt along with a number of other acolytes was called to the Abbott’s study and given a daunting task. The relics of the Shrine were too dangerous to be left in the stream of chance, to float from hand to hand and used without heed. Apt and the others were to set out and find the relics. Apt and the others set out from the Shrine the following day, and made good time in tracking down the relics to the city of Baldur’s Gate, where they had been sold in a secret auction. Once there the party split up to retrieve the relics. Some used force to overpower the defenses of the relic holders, and others were able to suss them out with clever plots.

But Apt, Apt found his calling on the shadowed city rooftops and in the twisting alleys. Apt burgled back the relics, leaving nary a trace of his passing. With all the relics recovered, the party made the long trek back to the monastery. Abbott Tygarn was pleased with the recovery, and praised them all highly, but in the following weeks he noticed a change in Apt. Apt seemed preoccupied with thoughts of the journey. As such, it came as no surprise when Apt informed the Abbott of his plan to leave the Shrine and seek his own path among the cities of the Sword Coast. The Abbott wished him well, and assured him that he would always have a home within the walls of the Shrine.

Apt slowly worked his way North along the coast, traveling slowly and getting a feel for the communities he passed through. He developed an interest in magical items, loving to while away the hours playing with even the most trivial of baubles. His natural talent for Thaumaturgy allows him to open and close doors at will – and yet at one time he owned two rings and a pair of cuff links that were enchanted with that very same ability. However, baubles and trinkets weren’t all he set his eyes on. Apt also developed a habit of acquiring magical items of some power from the homes of wealthy individuals. What he does with them no one can say. He certainly hasn’t been fencing them.

Eventually rumors of a cat burglar named the Traveler began to circulate among the cities of the coast. One night, while a bit worse for drink and addled by a few potent alchemical concoctions Apt divulged his identity to a particularly inquisitive gnome bard who half seemed to know the truth already. Rather than rush to the city guards, the gnome produced a notebook and lute and began working through verses of song about the exploits Apt had just slurred. And thus a friendship was born with Warren Fennelbrush (and his rat).

The two continued traveling the coast together for a number of years – most recently sojourning in the city of Watersdeep. There Warren, always the people person, introduced Apt to a recent acquaintance. A rather avant garde cleric by the name of Magnus. The three were quickly becoming friends when a rather violent part of Magnus’ past reared its ugly head. Not that Apt blames him, everyone accumulates a few enemies when they’re making their mark on the world. Apt certainly had.

Given the growing danger in Watersdeep the three decided it was best to slip out of town. Apt sold a fair bit of his collection to secure their passage and cover their tracks, and the three headed North, past the city of Neverwinter and onwards towards Icewind Dale.


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